Tonja Partridge 

Secretary of the Board


Derek Edwards

Transportation Director Board Member

T.A.T. team

Rachel Barela


Mark Gruici

Vice Board Chair 

Richard Ornelas

Board Chair

Founder and designer of

THE AWARENESS TOURS and the self-sustainable communities. 

Lindley Partridge


A couple years ago Rich was out on a delivery job picking up some very expensive center pieces for a wedding, when as he was driving in downtown LA at about 3 AM seen on both sides of the street hundreds and hundreds of homeless people. After talking to several of them he found out that a good % of them were veterans and that just broke his heart. From that point; Rich decided something had to be done. Being in a band sparked an incredible idea. That idea was, molding the band into a tool to raise money to build a self-sustainable communities that after its completion will house and care for 104 veterans each at one time. Rich sat down and designed this community from scratch. He designed everything needed to give the veteran all the care he/she needs to get back on track and become a productive member of society. 


“The Awareness Tours” Provides touring entertainment while spreading awareness and collecting donations not only from everyday people, but from many businesses throughout the US These live performances will start with the official awareness tour band 2 IN THE CHEST and as this grows the hiring of other bands throughout the US to do tours as well. We are certain that as soon as the first tour starts, things will start coming together and the building of these self-sustainable fully functional communities for the homeless veteran will come vary fast.