First and foremost you have to have a heart and the drive to truly help people. With all the homeless people in this country, if we as brothers and sisters of all these people do not help them, no one will.

The first thing that needs to be done is money. We all know this is in short supply with so many people. Just remember this; you have a home, a car, and a job. Sparing a few dollars in a onetime donation or even a monthly contribution can help more than you can even imagine.

Homelessness is a huge epidemic and needs to be dealt with and if everyone sits around and talks about, it will never get fixed. The awareness tours are doing something about it and we are starting with the veterans. With your help we can take the first 30 off the street in the first phase in the first community we will be able to house and care for over 100 veterans. We know that people truly have the heart to help but they just do not know how to do it. Volunteer donate those are things you can do. 

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​Dear Sponsor


A trip to downtown Los Angeles brought to the founders eyes of The Awareness Tours (TAT), the very sad sight of hundreds and hundreds of homeless people. Asking four of these people if they were military, and finding out that three of the four that were asked were in fact homeless Veterans, he knew something needed to be done. Self-sustainable communities for homeless Veterans and their families is the goal. After serving their country bravely, it is disgraceful that there are any homeless Veterans. Unfortunately, there are too many homeless Veterans. Our goal is zero homeless Veterans.

Nine in ten veterans experiencing homelessness were men (91% or 36,302 veterans).
Nearly six in ten veterans experiencing homelessness (57%) were white, higher than the percent of all people experiencing homelessness who were white (47%), and slightly higher than the percentage of people in households without children who were white (52%).
One-third of veterans experiencing homelessness were African American, and five percent were multiracial. Veterans experiencing homelessness were nearly half as likely to be Hispanic as individuals experiencing homelessness (10% compared to 19%) and less than half as likely as all people experiencing homelessness (10% compared to 22%).
Since 2016: The number of homeless veterans increased by 585 people between 2016 and 2017. This 2016-2017 increase was driven entirely by an 18 percent increase in the number of veterans experiencing homelessness in unsheltered places (2,299 more veterans).
The number of homeless veterans who were women increased by seven percent (243 additional female veterans), and the number of veterans who were men increased by one percent (347 additional male veterans).
These increases were driven by increases in the unsheltered population for both genders. The number of veterans who were Hispanic increased between 2016 and 2017, by 586 people (or 17%). Hispanic veterans comprise 10 percent of all homeless veterans and 15 percent of unsheltered veterans, up from 9 percent and 13 percent in 2016.
Increases among veterans experiencing homelessness were due entirely to increases among veterans in households without children. The number of veterans in families declined overall (by 16%), among sheltered veterans (by 11%) and unsheltered veterans (by 29%).[i]

The Awareness Tours was conceived to raise money to build and maintain self-sustainable communities for our homeless Veterans and immediate families by touring the United States (U.S.) providing various types of entertainment and donations from people like you. Eventually, TAT’S ultimate goal is to have concerts and performances across the U.S. to raise money for our homeless Veterans. This is a new way to not only spread awareness about homeless Veterans and their families, but to bring entertainment of all genres to communities all over the U.S. giving them a chance to help our heroes by attending performances.

 Our Veterans live with a great deal of physiological and psychological issues that make it hard to become a productive member of society. TAT wants to help ease that pain, and give the Veterans that truly want a second chance at making things better an opportunity to do so through short and long term housing, physiological care, psychological care, healthy nutrition, and schooling.

TAT will be working most of the year continuously traveling performing events all over the United States.  Walk with us on this journey to wiping homelessness out when it comes to our heroes. To raise awareness to our homeless Veterans plight TAT will require sponsors for our tours such as:

Transportation/Large Vans/Busses/Trailers.
Lodging sponsorship
Fuel sponsorship
Food sponsorship
Musical Gear and lighting.

At this time we are taking donations of all kinds. The first step to getting a job done is starting it. Property, land, vehicles, buildings furnishing for these buildings and anything else that we can obtain to further this goal of removing homelessness in the veteran community will be greatly appreciated.

TAT will make an overwhelming impact on the homeless numbers by building self-sustainable communities run by the veterans within those facilities. We will also be providing assisted care and hospice care for the Veterans that are in need of comfort in there last days. Eventually, we hope to construct a Veteran cemetery so our Veterans who have no family are given the proper love and respect they deserve. Will you stand with us and make this a reality?

Thank you for consideration,

Tonja Partridge, Chief Operating Officer
Richard Ornelas, President

The Awareness Tours

It has been calculated that 1.4 million veterans are at a dangerous risk of homelessness. This is due to poverty because of the cost of living versus the amount of income; there is an overwhelming issue of overcrowding in the substandard government housing, and lack of support networks within reach of the veteran. Research indicates that those who served in the late Vietnam and post-Vietnam era are at greatest risk of homelessness, War-related disabilities or disorders often contribute to veteran homelessness, including Physiological and physiological disabilities, (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety and addiction. All this is amplified by the lack of resources and the lack of high paying jobs to offset the cost of living. The fact is; there is no way anyone can survive on the income that is available at this time. For a single veteran, this veteran needs to bring home at least 3000 a month and that is just not attainable for most of them with all the issues they are dealing with. 

Our Veterans live with a great deal of physiological and psychological issues that make it hard to do anything in society, We are here to ease that pain, and give the Veterans that truly want a second chance at making things better an opportunity to do so.

The Awareness Tours does just that, it tours the US performing concerts while bringing awareness to the growing issue of homelessness that plagues our nation. The donations that are received would go to the buying of land, the building of the self- sustainable communities as well as the maintaining of these communities.

There are many foundations out there that cater to the homeless as well as to the homeless veteran. All those places are good places, but the key things to those places are, Temporary housing temporary medical and temporary food. All these things are only “Band-Aids” They do great things by feeding them putting them up in temporary sleeping quarters. For one, they are overcrowded temporary sleeping facilities, overcrowded medical clinics and the food is minimal at best. All these places are great for one thing… putting a “Band-Aid” on something that needs major surgery.

THE AWARENESS TOURS is building Self- Sustainable communities to give homeless veterans and homeless people in general a semi-permanent place of their own to call home with an address. They are given continued physiological and psychological care as well healthy nutrition. Stopping chronic homelessness requires these three attributes and this is what we are touring for.

There are hundreds of places to donate to that do great work, but THE AWARENESS TOURS is doing way more than putting a Band-Aid on a gaping wound, we are working towards alleviating the problem all together. With your donation all these things become possible. Will you walk with us on this journey to fixing our broken system? What will it take to open your heart and help these brothers and sisters of ours?

This is by for no easy task but

THE AWARENESS TOURS is up to the task. Will you stand with us?

Remember Band-Aids are temporary. It does not fix the problem Self-Sustainable communities such as the ones that we are working towards fix the deep wound that the US is experiencing. Please give to


thank you.

The Awareness Tours will make an overwhelming impact on the homeless numbers by building self-sustainable communities ran by the veterans within those facilities. By run we mean the landscape upkeep, the cooking and cleaning for all residents, and the growing of fruits, vegetables and free range livestock.

There are all areas of skill in the homeless veteran community that will be of great use in the community. This community will also have the most effective strategies to help our heroes leave homelessness behind, permanently by helping them remain in semi-permanent and permanent living quarters for some of our older veterans. Within the community itself we will offer not only the housing, but health care, accelerated benefit claim processing, employment training and assistance, furthered education and apprenticeship programs and many other types of support for our heroes.

The Awareness Tours is a great thing for not only the veterans but their families as well. Please stand with us and help us make this a reality for thousands of our heroes.

Many will ask what I get out of it. Well there are many things you take away from helping a program like this; knowing that with your donation, you are part of the solution to an ever growing problem.

Deep inside we all want to help when we drive by these people but giving a couple dollars does not fix the problem just like giving them food does not fix the problem, it only feeds them at that moment. Giving them food is a great thing, but giving our heroes the tools to continue; to feed themselves, is the long term solution.

What can I give? (1.) Time (2.) Money (3.) Property

We are in need of many things. The general public has the ability to give on many levels. The many corporations have the ability to give on a larger scale. Both get tax relief from their donations. There are many things that are needed on the larger scale so that the public can get involved on a larger scale too. Vehicles and property are some of the larger things that will be needed.

For some it is hard to fathom how big of a project this is, but we are here to let you know that nothing on this scale has ever been done and we are doing it, and we are going to get it done with the help of the citizens and corporations of the United States.

To jump on board and become part of the solution, you can email us here. A phone number and address are coming hopefully; sometime this week.

The Awareness Tours 07/04/2018

The Awareness Tours 07/04/2018