We are hoping to have 10 of these tour vans by 2020

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The “Awareness Tours” is a 501 c3 not profit corporation that provides entertainment to raise funding to build communities for homeless veterans.


To whom it may concern:

The Mission: Our Veterans live with a great deal of physiological and psychological issues that make it hard to become a productive member of society, We are here to ease that pain, and give the Veterans that truly want a second chance at making things better an opportunity to do so through short and long term temporary housing, physiological, psychological care, healthy nutrition and schooling.

For over two years the awareness tours team has worked diligently to build a nonprofit dedicated to military veterans and their direct families. To be honest it has not been an easy task. But with help of many we will not fail our heroes.

The Game Plan:

Gain support from hotel chains, restaurant chains, fuel company chains and automobile makers.
Obtain the tools needed to begin creating TAT tour teams.

  • The tools that are needed for each TAT tour Team: The 1st goal is to have 10 teams to be ready by the end of 2019
  1. 18 passenger vans  (For the musicians)
  2. Duel axle trailers     (For the equipment)
  3. Pilot cars               (For TAT Officials and emergencies)

 Eventually the plan is to have busses with The Awareness Tours color and logo along with all sponsors printed on the busses. This will provide a great deal of advertisement not only for The Awareness Tours and what we are doing, but to the companies that contribute to the cause.

 When the primary tools are provided secondary tools are needed to allow these teams to gain as much funding as possible for the proposed communities.

  •  Secondary tools needed for each TAT tour Team:

  1. Fuel
  2. Food
  3. Lodging
  4. Maintenance

Without these tools the cost of the tours would consume a good portion of the money raised.

Create entertainment festivals that tour the United States providing entertainment to raise funding to build and maintain the proposed communities.

  • Other tools needed to make these tours a success:
  1. Advertisement from mainstream networks and radio stations in the areas that the festivals will be taking place.
  2. Gain the support of a few nationally known public figures such as movie stars and musicians to help raise awareness to help the cause.

Obtain parcels of land to begin development of the proposed communities. In the beginning these parcels of land can be small, and tiny houses would be built on these smaller parcels. These parcels would be in several areas and would not be an eye sore. They in fact; would beautify the areas they were in. Most likely this would come from surplus land from the government.

Procure a donated building to hold fundraising events on a regular basis. This same building would also house the offices of The Awareness Tours.

A charitable donation of real estate property can provide a significant tax deduction. Work with your tax advisor to ensure you don’t make any missteps that could unnecessarily reduce or eliminate your deduction or subject you to underpayment penalties.


Development Director: Mark Gruici

Fundraising Coordinator: Richard Ornelas

The Awareness Tours

IRS Letter of Approval With TAT Water Marks