This is the first set of tools. These tools are the foundation that will keep everything together. There is also TAT Club Houses that will have fundraisers every weekend. That too is a sturdy foundation. We are currently trying to raise enough funding to procure these very important tools, so we can begin the job of removing homelessness when it comes to our Veterans. 

Eventually the plan is to have 10 buses with The Awareness Tours color and logo, along with all sponsors printed on the buses. This will provide a great deal of advertisement not only for The Awareness Tours and what we are doing, but to the companies that contribute to the cause. These brand logos will be placed on the Buses, vans, trailers and pilot cars. Position of brand logos will be according to the amount donated, sponsored or granted. Or; if the vehicles were donated by that particular business the Brand Logo will be significantly larger. They will be placed on the back of the trailer, the left side of the bus and trailer.

TAT Tours Monthly sponsors of a dedicated tour will have their logo’s remain on all three Apparatus during the full term of their sponsorship. Each TAT Tour Team will have dedicated sponsors. If a corporation would like to sponsor more than one team, that of course can be arranged.

When the primary tools are provided (Buses, Trailers & Pilot Cars) secondary tools are needed to allow these teams to gain as much funding as possible for the proposed communities.

There are many assets that are available to the sponsors. Please contact us to discuss the right package for you.

•  Secondary tools needed for each TAT tour Team: all these are through sponsorship and donations. 

A.   Fuel

B.   Food

C.   Lodging

D.  Maintenance for vehicles

Without these tools the cost of the tours would consume a good portion of the money raised and that will only slow the forward momentum.

3. Create entertainment festivals that tour the United States providing entertainment to raise funding to build and maintain the proposed communities.

• Other tools needed to make these tours a success:

A. Advertisement from mainstream networks and radio stations in the areas that the festivals will be taking place. (Large grant contributors, donors and sponsors will be offered these assets as well,)

B. Gain the support of a few nationally known public figures such as movie stars and musicians to help raise awareness to help the cause.

•  This is a very important key to successful fundraisers.

4.  Obtain parcels of land to begin development of the proposed communities. In the beginning these parcels of land can be small, and tiny houses would be built on these smaller parcels. These parcels would be in several areas and would not be an eye sore. They in fact; would beautify the areas they were in. Most likely this would come from surplus land from the government, and other land donations.

5.  Procure a donated building to hold fund raising events on a regular basis. This same building would also house the offices of The Awareness Tours. There are plans to have TAT Tour Club Houses all over the US. Naming these buildings after Sponsors and Donors are also assets that will be available.

There are a great deal of assets available to small and large companies. Please contact us and let's put together a package for you. 


Donation Levels

Of course we will accept all donation amounts. This is a for larger donations. 



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